Circle Tail . . . improving the quality of life.


Circle Tail’s mission is to provide service and hearing dogs for people with disabilities at no cost to the individual. We also promote the human-canine bond in our community by providing low cost dog training services, educational programs, and Pet First Aid classes.

We are passionate about improving the lives of people with disabilities beyond the basics of getting help with opening doors, picking up keys, hearing something behind them, or being notified about when their blood sugar is high or low. Our service dogs provide love, companionship, and joy while at the same time increasing independence and confidence in people.

Our founder and executive director, Marlys Staley, was a physical therapist when she became aware of the immense psychological trauma and financial hardships people with disabilities face. She knew how dramatically service dogs improve the lives of people with disabilities, so in 1997 she set out to create a program where service dogs are provided at no cost to the individual.

Circle Tail is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization located near Cincinnati, Ohio