Circle Tail . . . Helping Dogs Help People


Circle Tail’s name reflects the circle of benefit that results when you provide service dogs free of charge to people with disabilities.

A puppy is chosen, many of whom had been rescued. Then volunteers foster and train these puppies, including women from several state penitentiaries. Eventually, the puppy either becomes a service dog or is adopted out. (this would be nice as a drawing with arrows going around in a circle)

So, dogs are rescued; people from the community receive training and have the opportunity to foster amazing dogs in their homes; women from state penitentiaries have the opportunity to increase their independence, learn new skills, build relationships with dogs, and increase their confidence and happiness; people with disabilities receive free training and service dogs who become their companions and assist in their daily lives; and some lucky families are able to adopt dogs who have already been trained but are just not cut out for the service dog program.

In addition to the programs directly linked to service dogs, Circle Tail also offers a wide variety of community programs such as group/individual obedience training, nosework training, remote collar training, AKC Canine Good Citizenship Test and first aid classes.